Aldoxorubicin - A New Approach to Cancer Treatment

Aldoxorubicin is a rationally-engineered cytotoxic which delivers well-established anti-cancer agent, doxorubicin, into the tumor. Currently in late-stage clinical trials, aldoxorubicin appears to overcome the key limitations of doxorubicin, including cumulative dose restrictions. Aldoxorubicin utilizes an acid-sensitive linker that selectively binds to albumin, which may allow the cytotoxic payload to preferentially accumulate in the tumor and potentially spare the surrounding healthy tissue. This mechanism leverages the tumor's low pH environment, and accompanying dependency upon circulating albumin to fuel growth, to enable the delivery of multifold times the standard dosing of doxorubicin. In July 2017, LadRx out-licensed the worldwide rights to aldoxorubicin to NantCell, Inc. (now called ImmunityBio, Inc.).

In June of 2024, LadRx and NantCell (Immunity Bio) mutually terminated the license of aldoxorubicin, with the asset fully returned to LadRx, as Immunity Bio focuses on immunotherapy. LadRx is evaluating the pathways for partnering and/or the continued clinical development of aldoxorubicin.

Next-gen LADR drug, LADR-7, has been manufactured under GMP, ready for IND filing in 3Q-4Q 2024 and FIH end of 2024.